Cherry's Style

Here Waiting ☺

Sitting here waiting for that someone special to walk through the door. Someone to make me feel as special as I would make them feel. I hope when that one walk through the door, they appreciate the ensemble I put together for him/her. While waiting for this special person, I decided to make sure my makeup was on fleek along with the matching nails to match my ensemble. Kosmetik seems to never disappoint in getting me ready for that special someone. The Matte Lipstick.dare sits perfectly on my lips and makes my lips look oh so kissable (XXXXXXX’s) and the Gel Nails.serotinal match the robe perfectly. Ladies make sure you click on the landmarks to get these 2 items and let me know how it goes with your special someone!!!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies ☺


• Items with () is what’s being featured
• Kosmetik Matte Lipstick.dare can be purchased @ Applique • 
• Kosmetik Gel Nails.serotinal can be purchased @ Twe12ve • 
• Kosmetik Eyeliner+Shadow.original tint can only be purchased on Marketplace • 
• Tres Blah Love faded Robe can be purchased @ Frou Frou • 

• Catwa Catya Bento Face
• Maitreya Bento Hands, Feet, and Body

Lara Hurley • Beth • Midtone • 

Doux • Astra hairstyle • Fades • 

Kosmetik • Matte Lipstick.dare • Applier (Omega, Catwa) • Newness • 
Kosmetik • Gel Nails.serotinal • Applier (Maitreya, Slink, Vista, Omega) • Newness • 
• Kosmetik • Eyeliner+Shadow.original tint • Applier (Catwa, Omega) •

Tres Blah • Love Fade Robe • Serenity • Mesh (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya) • 

Cherry's Style

Climate Change ☺

Off site seeing and I can’t complain about anything. I’m definitely enjoying seeing this side of the island. I’m sooo happy to be getting out seeing so many different things and experiencing how people lives changes depending on what side of the island you’re on. I’m glad I was able to pack for any type of climate change. Now that I’m on the other side of the mountain, things are more dry and dusty. Not as beachy and wet as the tropical side. I’m glad that KosmetiK and Cheeky provided me with the proper makeup and nails for just this occasion. Ladies make sure you hit up Elite Bi-Weekly for the KosmetiK Summer Gel Nails.faded. Then head over to Twelve for the beautiful KosmetiK Eyes.soft. Then make sure your last stop is at The Chapter Four for Cheeky’s My Brow #2 applier. With all these makeups on board, you will be ready for any type of climate change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always happy shopping ladies ☺


• Items with () is what’s being featured
• KosmetiK Summer Gel Nails.faded can be purchased @ Elite Event • 
• KosmetiK Eyes.soft can be purchased @ Twelve • 
• Cheeky My Brows #2 can be purchased @ The Chapter Four • 
• Reign Cali Flip Flops can be purchased @ Collabor88 • 

• Body/Face
Catwa Catya Bento Face
Maitreya Bento Hands, Feet, and Body

• Skin
Essences • Marie • M01 • 

• Hair
Magika • Take Flight • 03 • 

• Eyes/Nails/Makeup
Cheeky • My Brows #2 • Applier (Catwa and Omega) • Newness • 
KosmetiK • Summer Gel Nails.faded • Applier (Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Vista) • Newness • 
KosmetiK • Eyes.soft • Mesh (L/R) • Applier (Omega, Catwa) • Newness • 

• Clothing
Maddict • Maisy T shirt • Flower Pack • Mesh (Slink, Belleza, Maitreya) • 
Erractic • Carrie Denim Shorts • White • Mesh (Maitreya) • 

• Shoes
Reign • Cali Flip Flops • Fatpack •