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Showing Off The Newness ☺

Showing off the newness from Booty’s Beauty and loving it. I love the shininess and details that Booty creates in everything she does. She makes it look realistic to where I don’t need to use up that extra layer for gloss when I go to add lipstick. She makes her eyeshadow colors the true colors to where I don’t have to go and tint it to match that “true blue” look. Ladies, if you want these types of makeups or looking for the style of makeup that you don’t have to tint, head down to the mainstore of Beauty Booty’s today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies! ☺


Items with () is what’s being featured

Catwa • Catya Bento Face
Maitreya • Bento Hands, Feet, and Body 

Deetalez • Heidi • Applier (Catwa) • Mixedtype 

Stealthic • Paradox • Ombres

Booty’s Beauty
• Bella Notte Makeup (Eyeshadow) • Applier (Catwa) • Newness
• Trashy Treasures Makeup (Lipstick) • Applier (Catwa) • Newness

Addams • Jennifer Round & V-Neck • Mesh (Belleza-All, Maitreya, Slink-All, Standard)
Addams • Melana Denim Shorts High Rise • Mesh (Belleza-All, Maitreya, Slink-All, Standard)

Cherry's Style

PinUp Makeup Sets ☺

Lush red plump lips. Black Cat Eyeliner. You got it ladies. PinUp Makeup Sets from LeLuck is here and out right now at The Darkness Monthly Event 5 different shades of red. 5 different styles of cat style eyeliners. What more do you need to pull off the perfect PinUp girl look? Ladies, if you’re wanting this look, make sure you head down to The Darkness and stop by LeLuck. You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!. Happy shopping ladies ☺


• Items with () is what’s being featured
• LeLuck PinUp Makeup Set can be purchased @ The Darkness

• Catwa • Catya Bento Face

Deetalez • Heidi • MixedType • Applier (Catwa) 

Stealthic • Paradox • Ombres 

• PinUp Makeup Set • Applier (Catwa) • Newness