Beach Walking ☺

Today I want to feel the sea breeze hit my face so I decided to take a walk along the beach shore. While I was walking along, I had to show you the newness from KosmetiK at Elite Bi-weekly. KosmetiK has put out these Summer Gel Nails.solid ladies…OMG. Aren’t they gorgeous? Ladies I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes with you ladies.

” A walk on the beach is a simple activity but its rewards cannot be counted. The sound of the waves, fresh air, and endless sky make us happy and serene. As we walk, our souls find themselves healed from stress and negativity. “
– Unknown

Happy shopping ladies


• Items with () is what’s being featured
• KosmetiK Summer Gel Nails.solid can be purchased @ Elite Event • 

• Body/Face
Catwa Catya Bento Face
Maitreya Bento Hands, Feet, and Body

• Skin
Lara Hurley • Beth • Midtone • 

• Hair
Spellbound • First Date • Natural Ombres & Roots • 

• Makeup/Eyes/Nails
.KosmetiK. • Summer Gel Nails.solid • Applier (Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Vista) • Newness • 

• Clothing
Rebel Hope • Majorca Mesh Bikini • Mesh (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink) • 

My View All Day, Every Day ☺

Im telling you ladies, there’s nothing like waking up to this and going to sleep with this view. I’m loving my time off but work begins Monday sooo better enjoy it while it lasts. I wonder what type of case I will be on this time. I hope it’s not another modeling deal. I felt out of shape around all those “need to eat” models….lmao. Well ladies, I’m not going to sit here all day at this computer…I’m off to enjoy what little time I have off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And as always, happy shopping ladies ☺

My View All Day, Every Day ☺


Amara Beauty • Dolce 02 • Ivory • Catwa Applier • 

Barberyumyum • 81 • Black • 

Addams • Jennifer Round and V-Neck • Mesh (Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Standard) • 

LF • Shorts • Mesh (Slink, TMP, Belleza, Maitreya) • Newness • 

LF Shorts can be purchased @ Outlet SL • 

Rebel Hope • Laguna Mesh Sandals • 

Maitreya body, feet, and hands