Strong and In Charge ☺

Today ladies, I’m bringing you the Dominatrix side of me. I’m showing you that I’m in charge on things now. Things are gonna go the way I want them to and if not, they will be punished. I’ve had enough of being pushed over or played with by men, It’s time they listen to me. Before I got into this mood, I had to plan out what to wear so I headed down to Elite Bi-Weekly Event and stopped by the F & A booth and picked up the Bianca Laced ensemble to give my position that final touch. I hope you ladies like! Ladies when you’re out and about, make sure you stop by Elite Bi-Weekly Event and pick up your F & A Bianca Laced ensemble today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always happy shopping ladies ☺



Essences • Marie • M01 • 

Pink Hustler (PH) • 8102 • Monochrome • 

* Outfit
• F & A • Bianca Laced • Mesh (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink) • Newness

N-Core • Chantel • 

• F & A Items can be purchased @ Elite Event • 
• Catwa Catya Bento Face
• Hands (Bento), Feet, and Body is Maitreya


KosmetiK Type Of Day☺

Yes ladies, you read the title right, Today i’m bringing you Kosmetik products. The eyes are Kosmetik Eyes.vue and those you can wear either by hud for your mesh eyes or if you don’t have the catwa mesh eyes, the creator provided mesh eyes inside the folder. Also ladies these eyes come with a 10 color hud.. The lipstick is Kosmetik Melted Lipstick.spring frosting which can be purchased April 1st at The Makeover Room and ladies you get 10 different shades to choose from to wear. Next ladies is the Kosmetik Fable Nails.sprinkles that are right now at the Elite Bi-weekly Event. The Kosmetik Fable Nail.sprinkles polish can either be worn as slink, omega, maitreya, or vista applier. The Vista applier for KosmetiK Fable Nails.sprinkle can go with your Bento nails , Vista Elisa nails, or Vista Noe nails for the Vista Bento Hands. Soooo what are you waiting for? Definitely hit up these Events or even the store itself to get you KosmetiK products and as always ladies, happy shopping ☺


Deetalez • Lucy • MixedTyped • Applier • 

KosmetiK Products
KosmetiK • Eyes.vue • Applier (Catwa and Omega) • Mesh (L+R eyes) • 

KosmetiK • Fable Nails.sprinkle • Applier (Slink, Maitreya, Omega, Vista) • Newness • 

KosmetiK • Melted Lipstick.spring frosting • Applier (Catwa and Omega) • Newness • 

Pink Hustler (PH) • 8102 • Monotone • 

Lep • Sabrina Knit Sweater • Mesh (Slink and Maitreya) • 

Cynful • Skinny Jeans • Mesh (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya) • 

Reign • Gemma Booties • 

• KosmetiK Fable Nails.sprinkle can be purchased @ Elite • 
• KosmetiK Melted Lipstick. spring frosted can be purchased @ The Makeover Room April 1st • 
• Catwa Catya Bento Head
• Vista Bento Hands and Nails
• Maitreya Body, and Feet