Cherry's Style

Jurnee Dress…. Yumz…..Elite Bi-Weekly ☺

My girls and I decided to pose for a shot before walking inside the club. Kilolo. Mariah, and I put on our best walked out the door looking fierce. Everything on point. Yumz has the awesome Jurnee Dress you see me wearing in the blog below. The Jurnee Dress is offered in many colors and Yumz has even put in special colors for you as well. The Jurnee Dress comes with saying like the one I’m wearing or you can just wear a plain version. Ladies if you want this look, make sure you stop by Elite Bi-Weekly and pick up the Jurnee Dress by Yumz!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies ☺


• Items with () is what’s being featured

Catwa • Catya Bento Face
Maitreya • Bento Hands, Feet, and Body 

Deetalez • Heidi • MixedType • Applier (Catwa) 

Foxy • Kali • Natural Ombres

• Jurnee Dress • Black • Mesh (HG, Phy, Maitreya, Isis, Freya) • Newness (Elite Bi-Weekly)



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