Cherry's Style

LeLuck’s Eyeshadow Judging You ☺

Everyone’s being judged. No matter what you’re wearing or the way you look while you’re wearing it, someone’s judging you. The question is, Do You Care? LeLuck wants you to judge their makeup which is why they named this set Judging You. Everyone can do just that because these Judging You Eyeshadows from Leluck that’s out right now at Suicide Dollz, is FAB-U-LOUS. I love them. Make sure you hit up Suicide Dollz and stop by he LeLuck booth to get your Eyeshadow-Judging You today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies ☺


* Items with () is what’s being featured

Catwa • Catya Bento Face

Deetalez • Amaya • MixedType • Applier (Catwa) 

Exiles • No Promises • Natural Fusion

• Eyeshadows – Judging You • Applier (Catwa & Omega) • Newness (Suicide Dollz)



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