Cherry's Style

Happy With The Newness ☺

Newness from the pose to the nails and I’m loving it. First I’m starting off with Kosmetik. I’m loving the newness from Kosmetik. The Wandedrlust Purple Nail Applier is turning out to be one of my faves. Five different designs that will go on the maitreya, slink, vista and omega nails and it’s at Fi*Friday’s right now. Next is the Kokoro Poses Lisa. No altering my avi to make it fit the pose. Perfectly made and it’s also at Fi*Friday’s. Lastly is Booty’s Beauty. Ladies you know I can’t be without my lipsticks and Booty’s Beauty provided the Framed Lipstick shown in the blog, I love it. It’s the new release in the main store. Ladies make sure when you’re out and about shopping, you hit up Fi*Friday’s and Booty’s Beauty main store!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies! ☺


• Items with () is what’s being featured
• Kosmetik and Kokoro can be purchased @ Fi*Friday’s  

Catwa • Catya Bento Face 
Maitreya • Bento Hands, Feet, and Body 
Empire • Square Nails • Long 
Slipper • Morning Josie Bento Rings

Fiore • Stacy • Applier (Catwa) • SPF25

Limerence • Nikol • Blonds • Gacha  

Kosmetik• Nail Applier – Wanderlust Purple • Applier (Maitreya, Omega, Slink, Vista) • Newness 
Booty’s Beauty • Framed • Applier (Catwa) • Newness 

Kokoro Poses • Lisa • Newness

Addams • Jane Crop Top • Mesh (Freya, Isis, Maitreya, HG, Venus, Phy)


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