Cherry's Style

Soo Happy ☺

Guess who got into the AnyBody Event? YumZ did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies sh is going strong with the Milan Jumper shes putting on display for you ladies. Just look at the Milan Jumper. Nicely Textured. Fits perfectly. Hugs the body snuggly. Comes in 30 color options on one hud. Oh Me Gosh, what more could you want ladies, especially with the summer coming? Ladies don’t forget to hit up the AnyBody Event. Starts May 7th. Stop by the YumZ booth. You won be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies ☺


Pink Fueled (PF) • Sabine • Apricot • 

Monso My Hair Kisa • Mixed • 

* Outfit
YumZ • Milan Jumper • Mesh (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya) • Newness • 

Empire • Penstemon • 

• YumZ Milan Jumper can be purchased May 7th @ Anybody • 
• Catwa Catya Bento Head
• Hands (Bento), body, and feet is Maitreya


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