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Newness From YumZ @ Boho Culture Fair ☺

Ladies Ladies Ladies…check it out. YumZ has decided to join the Boho Culture Fair and lookey at what she’s put out!!!!!!!! Nice right? Im loving the Ainsley combo and shes put this out in colors that you will be able to match this outfit with ANY shoes in your inventory. You could wear this outfit with heels or flats or just go around bare foot. No matter what you do, as long as you have this outfit on, you will be looking like you’re on fleek. Ladies make sure you head down to the Boho Culture Fair and stop by the YumZ booth today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always……happy shopping ladies ☺



Deetalez • Lucy • MixedTyped • Applier (Catwa) • 

Exile • Half-Shut • Naturals • 

YumZ • Ainsley • Green • Mesh (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza) • Newness • 

YumZ Ainsley can be purchased @ Boho Culture Fair • 

N-Core • Athena •

Hands, body, and feet is Maitreya


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