Just To Cute…. Must Have ☺

I couldn’t pass these by without showing you ladies them. Look Look Look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren’t they the cutest? This whole outfit is toooo cute and I had to show you both sets, not just one color….lol. PPD is on her game and if you ladies don’t start heading to her store, you’re gonna miss out. I went there and I cant wait to show ya’ll the things I picked up…oh yeah….mhmmmm. So ladies when you’re tping around the grid, make sure you tp to PPD and get your Emoji or Pinkoji outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always, happy shopping ladies ☺



Insol • Ashley Catwa Applier • Peach • 

Argrace • Hiiragi • Blondes • 

PPD • Emoji and Pinkoji Sweater Dress Shown • Mesh (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Standard) • Newness • 

PPD • Emoji’s Slippers • Pink and Yellow Shown • Mesh (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Standard) • Newness • 

Catwa Aisha face worn
Maitreya hands, body, and feet


Author: cherryedenflower

Love trying on different styles. I'm a girl who loves experimenting different areas of style and sharing the experiments with others.

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