Cherry's Style

Resting and Waiting ☺

Finally home after a longs day work and it’s time for some relaxation and waiting for my girlfriend to get home. I decided to lay on the bed and watch some television and I fell asleep. I was so comfortable in my relaxing clothes, I dozed off. It’s a good thing I done all my running before I got home. It’s now dark and I’m definitely not going anywhere…lol. At Least I stopped by Faddish to pick up this outfit I’m showing you from X-Otic. Looks comfortable doesn’t it? Ladies if you have had a long day and you want to put on something comfortable to relax, hit up Faddish and stop by the X-Otic booth and get this look. Landmark provided below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And as always……..Happy shopping ladies ☺



Deetalez • Lucy • MixedTyped • Applier (Catwa) • 

little.bones • Venus • The Blend • 

X-Otic • White Tank and Pink Lick Boyshorts • ApplierNewness • 

X-Otic items can be purchased @ Faddish • 

• NC • Color Changing Bunny Slippers • N/A

Hands, Feet, and Body Maitreya ☺


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