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Outer Space ☺

Today I wanted to take a trip to the Planetarium and get some relaxation and peace. This case is really bothering me because it involves a kid. Now, I’m not that fond of kids, never wanted them but I don’t wish bad things to happen to them. This case is touching my in ways that i’ve never had a case to touch me before. I know the suspect will also be here, He likes scoping out places that he knows kids will be at. So i’m here after leaving Faddish and KosmetiK for my makeup and clothing ensemble. I’m loving it. Faddish contributed to the clothing like the Ghetto Style Petro Galaxy shorts and KosmetiK provided the Prism nails, Eyeliner Glitter. and Liquid Lipstick. Ladies definitely hit up these 2 store and get your galaxy outfit today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as always……..Happy shopping ladies ☺



Deetalez • Lucy • MixedTyped • Applier (Catwa) • 

Tram • F603 • Classic Black • 

Makeup and Nails
KosmetiK • Prism Nails • Bright Set B • ApplierIn Store Soon • 
KosmetiK • Eyeliner Glitter • Applier (Catwa and Omega) • Newness • 

KosmetiK Eyeliner Glitter can be purchased @ Trendz • 

KosmetiK • Liquid Lipstick • Purple Suede • Applier (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega) • 

Blueberry • Roro • Mesh (Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Standard) • 
Ghetto Style • Top and Shorts (Shorts Only) • ApplierNewness • 

Ghetto Style Preto Galaxy Set can be purchased @ Faddish • 

Reign • All Star Thigh Highs • 

Hands, Feet, and Body Maitreya ☺


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