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Hair Day ☺

It’s Sunday and I decided to treat myself to a hair day. I head down to the salon and waited in line for a free chair. If I would have set an appointment, I wouldn’t have had to wait….smh. You know me, I do everything on a whim or when the time feels right….lol. Well, while I was at the salon, I heard a little gossip. The neighbor of a woman was there telling the customers how she had overheard that her neighbor’s kid was abducted, Taken right on the street while she was outside playing. The parents of the little girl has an idea of who took her but can’t get close enough to see. She was saying how the parents wanted to hire a decoy who’s an investigator to see if the investigator can find out anything. My heart went out to the parents. I couldn’t imagine how they felt soo you know what I did………that’s right, I gave the woman my card and told her to get the parents to contact me…..I’ll get their daughter back. While I was at the salon, I had on this cute little ensemble by Sevyn East. Ladies if you want this look, you know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And as always, happy shopping ladies ☺

Hair Day ☺


Pink Fuel (PF) • Morgana • Biscuit • Catwa/Maitreya Applier • 

Elua • Oceana • Ombre Basic • 

Sevyn East • Mimi Jumper • Pink • Mesh (Eve, Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, Tonic, Standard) • Newness • 

Sevyn East Mini Jumper can be purchased @ Outlet SL • 

CandyDoll • Bailey Flats • 

Maitreya body, feet, and hands


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