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Basking In The Sun With KosmetiK ☺

Well today is my day off. I decided to spend it relaxing and catching in some sun rays…lol. I needed a break from the photoshoot and the case of the Model Napper. I decided to have a little me time and put on my bikini and head down to the rocks. I shaped my eyebrows….thanks to KosmetiK’s for that guidance ofc. Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think ladies? I’m loving the new Shaped Eyebrows by KosmetiK. I can tint them whatever color I want and pick which shape I want since there’s 5 shapes to choose from. Im sooo happy, especially the different type of hair colors I wear, I can match my eyebrows to it. It will also help me in the photoshoots I’m taking to solve this Model Napper case. Ladies if you haven’t shopped at KosmetiK’s for your makeup yet, you’re missing out. Take the tp below, you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .As always ladies, happy shopping ☺

Basking In The Sun With KosmetiK ☺


Catwa • Amelie • Exclusive • 

Deetalez • Paula • MixedTyped • Catwa Applier • 

Kosmetik Items
Kosmetik • Rainbow Eyes • MeshNewness • 

KosmetiK • Eyebrows • Shaped • Tintable • Applier (Catwa, Eve, Omega) • Newness • 

Deesses Boutique • Sublime Lipstick • Catwa Applier • 

Beauty Marks
Deetalez • Freckles Moles • Catwa Applier • 

Pink Hustler (PH) • 8102 • Light Browns • 

Vision • S&F Bikini Set • Claire • MeshNewness • 


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