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Out For A Stroll With Belier and KosmetiK ☺

Stepping outside the hacienda, I have to look my best. I’m on vacation in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and the men and women both are hawt sooo I have to have that look to impress….lol. Thanks to Belier Cosmetics, I know my lips are on fleek and not to mention my hands….omg…..Kosmetiks made my nails on fleek as well. I’m going to end up asking for directions because i’m the type of girl who always gets lost….lol. When i go to ask…my lips is going to draw him/her to me and imma put my hands on my chest like i’m distraught and talk in a sweet voice that could melt butter…mhmmmm. Ladies if you want these lips, make sure you hit up Lyfe of Style and stop by the Belier Cosmetics booth. This nail polish and many others can be purchased at Kosmetiks. Landmarks to both places are provided below. As always, Happy shopping ladies ☺

Out For A Stroll With Belier and KosmetiK ☺


the Skinnery – Daria – Honey – Catwa and Maitreya Applier

Catwa – Leah 

Addams – Lisa Denim Vest 

Addams – Anita Crop Top 

Addams – Amy Long Skirt 

Belier Cosmetics – Glossy Palette – Applier (Catwa, Omega, Tattoo Layers) – Newness 

★ Belier Cosmetics Gloss Palette can be purchased @ Lyfe Of Style 

Kosmetik – Nails – Autumn – Appliers (Omega, Maitreya, Slink) – Newness

★ Hands, Feet, and Body is Maitreya


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