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Captured With Queen’z @ Phat Fashion☺

Lort ladies, yours truly has been captured and I kinda like it….lol. I was out walking and all of a sudden, someone grabbed me from behind and threw me in a car and drove off. Blind folded and scared of the not knowing, I decided to do as he asked which was lay there and hush up. The car stops and I hear the door being forced open and hands grab me. Im lifted up on someone’s shoulder and all I can hear is fire crackling and being in a room that’s hot. Tied to a post, I hear voices and my thoughts only of the sexy dress I’m wearing. I’m glad I wore this dress because if I would’ve wore the other outfit I had laid out, I would have burnt up. Thanks to the FEATURED VIP @ Phat Fashion, Queen’z, I was able to wear this sexy Sabotage Dress. Ladies if you haven’t hit up Phat Fashion yet, make sure you do by Sunday. Stop by the FEATURED VIP booth Queen’z and get your Sabotage Dress today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy shopping ladies ☺

Captured With Queen'z @ Phat Fashion☺


DeeTalez – Gillian – MixedTyped – For Catwa Head 

.ploom. – Billie – Indecisive

Featured VIP
{H} – Sabotage Dress – Black – Omega AppliersNewness 

★ Queen’z Sabotage Dress can be purchased @ Phat Fashion 

Glamistry – Dianthus Heels 

★ Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya☺


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