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A Little Info ☺

Ladies if you haven’t tried the demo of this body or if you haven’t updated from v6.5 to v8 you’re missing out. Check out the Hud represented below…..nice cuts right? This body comes:

★ Already installed Omega Applier
★ Slink shoes (high, mid, flat) compatible
★ Ability to mask layers (which is a plus for the ones who wear multiple layers)
★Some clothing made for Venus, Physic, and Standard mesh may fit.
★ 3 different hand poses
★ Plenty More !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies if you haven’t tried the eBody, you are missing out. Hit the LM below and try the demo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Little Info


Hush – Teagan – Latte 

Pink Hustler (PH) – 8102 – Monotoned 

CandyDoll – Delya Dress – Black – Mesh

Breathe – Rhea Heels 

Hands, Feet, and Body is ABAR eBody 


1 thought on “A Little Info ☺”

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