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Beam Me Up With SilverMoon @ Phat Fashion☺

Beam Me Up Scotty is what I thought of as soon as I applied this outfit. I felt as if I was in space. Looking out at the planets. This outfit screams it….lol. I love love love this outfit by SilverMoon. The texturing is out of this world. What do you think ladies? Well ladies, if you’re wanting to look as if you’re about to take a space adventure….you know what to do….lol Head down to Phat Fashion and stop by the SIlverMoon booth and get yours today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Beam Me Up With SilverMoon @ Phat Fashion☺


SkinDeeTalez – Kisha – MixedTyped

Hair[E] – Jordyn – Essentials 

DressSilverMoon – Lexa Minidress – White – Omega ApplierNewness 

*Note* SilverMoon Lexa Minidress can be purchased @ Phat Fashion

ShoesBax – Regency Boots – White 

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya ☺


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