Cherry's Style

My Tropical Paradise With YumZ☺

I decided to share my tropical paradise with you and thanks to YumZ, I can share it with you in one of my favorite outfits. It’s cool yet sexy yet chic yet many other yets… Don’t you just love it? Open back…..V-neck front……perfect texturing…what more could you ask for in an outfit? Oh wait….did I forget to mention how many colors it comes in? I did? Well ladies….check this out, it comes in……….18 colors soooo you can choose to purchase one or all. I suggest all so you can wear a different one every day for 18 days…..lmao. Make sure you take the landmark below to her main store and get your Yumz Tisha Outfit today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

My Tropical Paradise With YumZ☺


SkinDeeTalez – Babette – MixedTyped 

HairExile – After The Rain – Sparkle – Naturals Pack 

SunglassesSolar Eyewear – Polaris 

OutfitYumZ – Tish – Bohemian – Omega Applier – Newness 

ShoesN-Core – Ibiza 

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya☺


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