Lovin The Leggings With Forever Young ☺

I’m just a leggings nut and Forever Young keeps bringing them….oh yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m loving the new leggings Forever Young has created. They can be worn in sooo many types of ways and soo many places. For Example: ballet, workouts, lounging around the house, and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies make sure you run down to Forever Young’s inworld store and get your pack of leggings….YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Lovin The Leggings With Forever Young ☺


SkinDeeTalez – Kisha – MixedTyped 

HairElua – Brenda – Ombre Basic Pack 

TopBlueberry – Shyla – Mesh 

LeggingsFY – Raye Leggings – Blue, Green, and Pink – Omega AppliersNewness 

ShoesBlueberry – Georgina – Group Gift

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya☺


Author: cherryedenflower

Love trying on different styles. I'm a girl who loves experimenting different areas of style and sharing the experiments with others.

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