Took The Wrong Turn With S.Inc @ Phat Fashion☺

Hey ladies, I must’ve took the wrong turn heading to Phats Fashion to get another outfit by S.Inc. Some how I ended up in some back alley with no one in sight. Kinda scared but I know I will be alright…….lol. Either way, I look good and I know I will be at Phat Fashion in no time to get more outfits like the one Im sporting right now. Ladies if you want this look, make sure you head down to Phat Fashion too and stop by the S.Inc booth and get yours by Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and ladies, make sure you take the landmark below so you don’t end up in some dark alley like me… Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Took The Wrong Turn With S.Inc @ Phat Fashion☺


SkinWhatever – Emily – 004  

HairLittle Bones – Mia – The Blend

OutfitS.Inc – Toni – Orchid – Omega, Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza AppliersNewness 

*Note* S.Inc Toni Outfit can be purchased @ Phat Fashion

ShoesN-Core – Athena 

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya☺


Author: cherryedenflower

Love trying on different styles. I'm a girl who loves experimenting different areas of style and sharing the experiments with others.

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