Cherry's Style

Chillin By The Car With YumZ @ Phat Fashion☺

I decided to go for a ride….come across this green field and decided to stop a spell. It was so beautiful out and the wind is blowing keeping the weather cool, I couldn’t pass this chance up….lol. YumZ Tanaia Outfit gave me the fashion to look on fleek and still comfortable at the same time. Ladies if you haven’t hit up Phat Fashion to get this outfit, you’re missing out. This outfit comes in 8 colors so you have a variety of choices to make or you can just get all of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Chillin By The Car With YumZ @ Phat Fashion☺


SkinWhatever – Emily – 004

Hairlittle bones – Potion – Landslide 

OutfitYumZ – Tanaia – Geometry – Omega ApplierNewness 

*Note* YumZ Tanaia can b purchased @ Phat Fashion

ShoesEmpire – Hibiscus – (Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Belleza, and TMP) 

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya☺


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