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Sooo Many Color Options With port;city ☺

Loving these Bria Tied Shirts made by port;city. What’s being represented in the blog isnt have the options that come with this shirt. This tied top comes what sooo many options….print on shirt….solid shirt….a range of colors to change the shit and tied top….omg….I can do all kinda color combos with this and match them with any shorts…pants…or skirts. Maybe i will match them to bikini bottoms since summer is right around the corner for some of us…..lmao. Ladies make sure you click the link and get yours today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Sooo Many Color Options With port;city ☺


SkinDeeTalez – Max – MixedTyped – V2

HairExile – Out Of The Woods – Naturals Pack 

Topport;city – Bria Tied Top – MeshNewness 

PantsMaitreya – Biker Jeans – Mesh 

ShoesMaitreya – Maitreya Gold Laud Boots 

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya☺


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