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Headed Out With Royale @ Phat Fashion ☺

Ladies Im headed out and I wanted to be an outfit that only wasnt comfortable but also had me looking like I had myself together and everything was on fleek. Royale has provided that outfit for me and they can provide it for you to when you hit up the new round at Phat Fashion. This Highrise jeans are offered in 5 different colors and the tops are available in 2 packs of four…cant beat that right ladies? Soooooo, what are you waiting for? Get those patooties down to Phat Fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Headed Out With Royale @ Phat Fashion ☺


SkinDeetalez – Miranda – Mixedtype

HairPink Hustler (PH) – 8103 – Brown

TopRoyale – Static Strappy Top – White – Applier AppliedNewness

PantsRoyale – Static Highrise Jeans – Basic – Applier AppliedNewness

*Note* Royale Items can be purchased @ PHAT Fashion

ShoesReign – Dare Knit Knee High Boots – White

* Hands, feet, and body is Maitreya ☺


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