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Cybering WIth Bish Clique @ Phat Fashion ☺

I felt like getting my cybering on. Wanted to go sim hopping and check out a few cyber sims on the grid. Bish CLique provided me with the attire I needed to do that. Sooooo a big thanks going out to them. They offer this awesome Venus outfit in many colors for you to go out cyber sim hopping or maybe you and a friend can grab your light sabers and go to combat replaying some of the Star Wars scenes. Either way, this outfit Rawks.This outfit is out right now at Phat Fashion so make sure you head down to Phat Fashion and get yours today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Shopping Ladies 

Cybering WIth Bish Clique @ Phat Fashion ☺


SkinGlam Affair – Romy Skin – America

HairSpellBound – Lala – Chapter 1 (Earth)

OutfitBish Clique – Venus – Cotton Candy – Applier AppliedNewness

*Note* Bish CLique Venus can be purchased @ PHAT Fashion

ShoesMaitreya – Thigh High Boots – Black Gold Snake

* Hands, feet, and body is by Maitreya ☺


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