Taylor Cropped Tees By Moda @ Phat Fashion ☺

Ladies check this out……Moda just put out these Taylor Cropped Tees at Phat Fashion. They come with a HUD offering different versions and colors for this Tee. Moda has made these Taylor Cropped Tees in Solids, Trimmed, or Jock versions not to mention 24 colors to chose from…omg…what more could you ask for? Ladies make sure you hop down to Phat Fashion and get these shirts…..you wont be disappointed…I promise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Taylor Cropped Tees By Moda @ Phat Fashion ☺


SkinElysium – Amalie – Latte

HairAD – Misteltoe – Dark Browns

TopModa – Taylor Cropped Tee – MeshNewness

*Note* Moda Taylor Cropped Tee can be purchased @ PHAT Fashion

PantsBlueberry – Tink – Mesh

Shoes Reign – Mishi Thigh High Boots

* Hands, feet, and body is by Maitreya ☺


Author: cherryedenflower

Love trying on different styles. I'm a girl who loves experimenting different areas of style and sharing the experiments with others.

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