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Everything In Monotone With Babes(*B*) @ Phat Fashion ☺

Nope, not sad or depressed….lol…..just thought it would be nice to show off my monotone side. Ive always loved the monotone colors…sooo easy to match with anything or pair it off with any type of clothing items. Babes (*B*) provided this for me with the black/grey cozy sweater being represented in the picture below. Love it right? Well ladies these sweater along with another one can be purchased at Phat Fashion. Make sure you head down to Phats and pick your Babes (*B*) Cozy Sweater today !!!!!!!! Ladies dont forget to also stop by Beatiful Dangerous and pair it off with some leggings by my friend AngelEyes Foxtrot =). Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Everything In Monotone With Babes(B) @ Phat Fashion ☺


SkinDeetalez – Miranda – Mixedtype

HairMoon Hair – Insect Religion – Grey Scale

SweaterBabes (*B*) – Cozy Sweater – Black/Grey V2 – MeshNewness

*Note* Babes (*B*) Cozy Sweater can be purchased @ PHAT Fashion

Leggings !BD! – Cotton Leggings – Black – Applier Applied

ShoesReign – Belle Flats – Grey

* Hands, feet, and body is by Maitreya ☺


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