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Yoga Time With xXxtasi @ Phat Fashion ☺

This glorious hump day morning, I woke up with the feeling of tranquility……peace….and a need to do some Yoga. Thanks to xXxtasi, the creator provided the clothing and Bazar provided the yoga mat. Not only did I get my Yoga time, I also managed to look good doing it…lol. What more could a girl ask for? Ladies make sure you head down to Phat Fashion and make a choice between 4 colors of the RichGirl Yoga gear. Happy Shopping Ladies ☺

Yoga Time With xXxstasi @ Phat Fashion


SkinDeetalez – Miranda – Mixedtype

Hair Magika – Later – 01

OutfitxXxtasi – RichGirl Yoga – Grey – Applied with AppliersNewness

*Note* xXxtasi RichGirl Yoga can be purchased @ PHAT Fashion

PropBazar – Toronto Arts and Crafts – Yoga Mat


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