Cherry's Style

Time To Wrap Up ☺

It’s getting cold outside ladies….and I dont know about you but im not going to tp all over SL for an outfit to wear….noooo wayyyyy……soooo I’m hitting up one store where all the winter outfits are being marked down to 99L mhmmmm…ur heard right. Sooooo Imma hop over there….get me and outfit for winter…and get my patooty back home. Hope to see you ladies there ☺

Time To Wrap Up ☺


Hair: Magika [03] Careful – Mesh

Mittens: [PM] Pixel Mode – Suede Mittens – White – Mesh

Outfit: [PPD] Anna – Red, Pink, White Shown – MeshNewness 

*Note* Outfit comes with Fur Boots, Earmuffs, Scarf

*Note* Some of these items may require a mesh viewer and some of these items can be found on marketplace ☺


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