Cherry's Style

Falling For Tartcakes ☺

Hey there ladies….sooooooooo….lol…. I was having a conversation with a certain store owner that had seen one of my blog post and she noticed I was wearing an item from her store…lol. I told this store owner how much I liked her shorts and that i would stop by her store to see her other items. I really really really encourage you ladies to do the same. Don’t you just love this sweater? I definitely do ☺ Bella Viege Thanks bunchez sweetumz ☺

Falling For Tartcakes ☺



Hair: adoness : kronos : naturally – Strawberry

Top: -TartCake- Rainbow Sherbert Off Shoulder Sweater – Mesh

*Note* Sweater can also be purchased at The Perfect Wardrobe

Skirt: :FY: Ruffled Mini – Denim – Mesh 

Shoes: PARADISIS – My warmers : Pastels – Mesh 


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