Mah Shopping Venture…lol ☺

Out shopping this glorious Friday morning and came across a store called !Blah. I went in and to mah surprise….it had clothes galore and not just clothes….no no no, This store offered a little bit of everything. Here’s an outfit I pieced together from !Blah. Definitely check this store out ladies. Happy Shopping.☺

Out and About Shopping



Hair:  Alice Project – Heather – Infinity – Mesh 

Top: .!Blah. (My Tiny Baseball Shirt) – Green

*Note* Top also have Tango Appliers

Skirt:  !Blah. (My Cute Frills / Mesh Skirt) – White

Shoes: Kennedy’s “Super High Top Chucks” – Texture Changable

* Note * Some of these items may require a mesh viewer and some of these items can be found on marketplace ☺


Author: cherryedenflower

Love trying on different styles. I'm a girl who loves experimenting different areas of style and sharing the experiments with others.

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