Cherry's Style

FY Evening Out

If you’re looking for that one party dress to go dancing in or wanting to wear something that makes you feel sexy……then tp down to FY. This creator is definitely doing her thing,,,,bringing all kinds of different styles to you. She’s creating outfits for every occasion sooo make sure you check her out☺

FY Evening Out


Skin:   :GP: Party Girl Megapack – Acorn Light w/ Frex

Rings : JCNY (Mood Ring, Birthstone Ring)

Bracelet:  JCNY – Reckless Love – PRIVATA Collection – Charm Bracelet

Nails:[MANDALA] – NAIL PALETTE 1/Super Long

Hair: .AD – b – medulla  – blacks

Dress:  :FY: Miami Mini – Red, Teal, Black – NewMesh

Shoes: N-core – SOLEIL

* Note * Some of these items may require a mesh viewer and some of these items can be found on marketplace ☺


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